Shamed by your job and lack of social status?

If you’ve ever been ashamed to reveal what you do for a living in any social setting, maybe we can save you from a future of constant embarrassment.
Our Course Advisors meet countless numbers of intelligent men and women who are being held back from exploiting their potential because they haven’t got the skills or qualifications to progress.


If people are not impressed by how you earn your living – and if you know deep inside you could better yourself – read on to take the first big step in changing how people see you.


You can better yourself without having to give up your job or make major changes to your daily life with Pitman Training.

Over the years we have helped thousands of women and men train for well-paid, high status careers with Britain’s most respected companies and organisations.

We can help you, too, if can give up just one hour to visit one of our training centres in London’s Notting Hill or Holborn, or in Croydon or Manchester.

Yes, one hour is all that’s required for you to assess whether the Pitman Training method will do what I promise – give you the skills and the qualifications to embark on a high quality career as a PA, secretary, bookkeeper, Event Planner, social media expert or other office worker.


That’s fine. If you find our approach is not for you, we’ll just shake hands and walk away.

But for most people, the Pitman Training method is the key to a rewarding, more fulfilling future.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Read what our students say:

“Starting my Executive PA Diploma was the best decision I have made” – Sarah, London

“After a couple of days I was offered the position of PA to the CIA” – Eva, London

“My first thought was that this was going to look great to future employers” – Megan, Manchester


The Pitman approach offers something quite different for people who genuinely want to improve their position in life.

This is your opportunity to embark on a truly life changing, career improving training course.

You can start your course at any time – even today if you wish – as there’s no waiting for term to start.

You can study at times to suit you too, on a flexi-study basis, so you attend when you’re able to, whether you work irregular shifts or have other commitments that preclude you from traditional study methods.


In addition to learning practical skills and earning nationally recognised qualifications prized by employers, our students enjoy a range of other extras including CV advice, first views of ‘unadvertised jobs,’ all the advantages of an NUS card and a massive saving on Oyster cards for diploma students.


Don’t spend another day shamed by your job and lack of social status.

Take action this minute to change your life and career for the better!

Call our Course Advisory Team right now to book your free assessment appointment on:

020 7025 4700


Or email us:

Make today the day you became proud of what you do!

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