Shorthand Skills are in Demand

Being successful in the world of work is all about ensuring you have the right skills and knowledge. As long as you can match your abilities to those needed by firms, you should find there are always opportunities available to you.

One of the skills that is in particularly high demand among employers at present is shorthand. In principle, this may seem straightforward but there are many techniques that need to be utilised and so training is hugely beneficial.

These abilities come in particularly handy in areas such as journalism, where the very fast recording of information is required. However, they are also necessary when it comes to the taking of minutes in meetings and other such scenarios.

Also, PAs often have to take down instructions from their bosses very quickly and accurately.

If you think your speedwriting could be improved upon, you have come to the right place. Here at Pitman Training, we provide a range of programmes, including shorthand training courses.

By investing a little time and money in such endeavours, you could enhance your skills and prospects considerably.

And the great thing is, like all our training programmes, including our Sage courses, bookkeeping courses and so on, these sessions can be completed at your own pace, meaning you can work them around your busy schedule.

While our on shorthand courses, you will learn how to take notes very quickly and accurately so that you are easily able to read them back. Such skills can prove invaluable and are well worth enhancing.

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