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Our Range Of Teeline And SpeedWriting Courses.

We have a great range of shorthand programmes – there’s something for everyone. We’re the first choice of secretaries, PA’s and journalists.

Our proven training methodology means you can start a course at any time and study daytimes, evenings, Saturdays or a mixture of these. It’s your choice!

And you can chop and change your attendance pattern to match the demands on your time. We offer the following shorthand courses:

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Shorthand Courses For Beginners Or Experienced People.

Ever since Isaac Pitman launched the Pitman system over 160 years ago,
our name has been synonymous with secretarial, journalism and shorthand

In fact, nearly everyone you speak to who can use shorthand has a tale to tell about Pitman Training.

We frequently hear from senior secretaries who learned classical Pitman before World War 2 and Teeline-using journalists breaking stories in daily newspapers.

And today,shorthand training is in terrific demand!

From being an almost redundant skill in the 1990′s, the job ads are now full of requirements for Teeline or SpeedWriting used for taking dictation and in particular minutes and meetings.

So it’s hard to imagine learning Teeline or SpeedWriting anywhere else than our High Holborn, Notting Hill, Croydon or Manchester training centres!

We offer training in Speed Development, Teeline For Beginners, Teeline Fast and SpeedWriting.

Shorthand Training In 3 Locations!

You can learn shorthand in the following locations:

London Holborn – 020 7025 4700

London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

Croydon – 020 8688 0378

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