Something Different In The Teaching Of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word courses are among the most popular in the IT training pantheon, with thousands of providers across the globe all competing for an ever-growing market.

In such a broad church, it is difficult for training companies to differentiate their offerings and that is where Pitman Training London (Notting Hill and High Holborn) and Manchester has been so successful.

They have brought an innovative approach to the education of students through a blend of technology and human tuition, to make their Word courses, of which there are 2 levels, stand out.

Pitman Training’s delivery of Word training programmes is through what they call “self-paced” learning, where students learn through practical exercises facilitated by the use of pre-recorded lessons at the PC, supported by high quality courseware and experienced, friendly trainers standing by.

The beauty of this method is that students can take as long as necessary to familiarize themselves with the subject matter, listening again and again until they are fluent with each function of Word and asking for assistance from the trainers whenever they are stuck.

That means each lesson is a voyage of discovery where the student is tasked with finding out how to accomplish various tasks for themselves, with the prompting of the recordings and this results in an extremely high retention level of the subject.

It’s also an enjoyable and motivational way to learn what could, in other circumstances, be rather dry information.

A further benefit of the Pitman Training approach is that students can enrol and start at any time on their Word training programmes as the organisation operates year round rather than the normal education term times.

And students don’t need timetables, the learning methodology enabling them to drop in at any time during their long opening hours which include evenings and Saturdays.

The Principal of the Pitman Training centres in London’s Notting Hill and High Holborn, Shilpa Wymer says: “Where Pitman Training has been very clever, is in building an incredibly flexible, high value and convenient means of delivering training to people at times they want to study. I’ve never seen anything else to match it.”

“And,” she continues, “having the backing of the nationally recognised Pitman Training name can only be a benefit on a student’s CV.”

The thoroughness of this training method means that the courses are longer than traditional classes, typically taking 30 hours for each of the two levels but the depth of education and the practical application of the lessons, coupled with the “drop-in” attendance style means that there is a much higher payback than with traditional teaching methods.

Recognising that their approach is different from traditional methods, the London and Manchester training centres always give potential students the chance to sample the programmes, free, in order for them to establish whether the Pitman Training style is right for them.

To learn more about Word courses, just call their Course Advisory Team:

Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Manchester -  0161 923 6814

Or contact us by email.

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