Still Trying To Tame The Beast Ten Years Later

Executive PA London“Don’t waste my time,” barked the angry young man.

“It’s you who is wasting my time,” retorted the young woman. “Now you listen to me!”

She had been for an interview with the most arrogant, bombastic young man she had ever encountered.

At 28, Steve was already a multi-millionaire, running an internet games business and his life was going off the rails. He had advertised for a personal assistant to protect him from the rapacious journalists, salespeople and commercial beggars who were trying to suck the lifeblood out of him.

Jenny had already taken an Executive PA course at Pitman Training in London’s Notting Hill, so she was well schooled in dealing with many aspects of Steve’s business, at least from an administration perspective.

Steve was taken aback by Jenny’s assertiveness.

“Look,” she went on, “you’ve already told me you and your business are a mess and you can’t look after yourself. I’ll take on your PA role for a basic of £35K pa plus bonuses to be agreed up to £50K. We’ll review how I’m performing after 6 months. If I’m cutting it, I’ll stay. If I’m not, I’ll go, no strings attached.”

Jenny knew she was blagging it and with her lack of experience, she wasn’t worth the money, but he was so horrible, she wouldn’t do it for less and didn’t think anyone else would, either.

That’s the kind of confidence she had developed while studying for her diploma level Executive PA course. She was somebody and she fancied the chance to tame this angry young beast.
Ashen faced, Steve muttered “Deal.”

Jenny said “I’ll start at 9:00 am tomorrow. I’ll call an employment lawyer and get him to draw up my contract of employment. Let’s meet at 10:00 to confirm the details.”

It was the first time she had bossed a boss and she was scared she may have pushed too hard but Steve seemed to take it. So she left the office and Googled as much employment law stuff as she could find, writing up her contract of employment as she went.

It was a risk but she had nothing to lose and she knew her Executive PA course diploma meant she could pretty much walk into a good job at any time.

The job with Steve was only the fourth interview she been on since graduating and although she hadn’t let it show, he had rattled her enough to goad her into fighting back. She was surprised at how quickly Steve had capitulated. Maybe she should have pushed harder.

Or maybe he would be unbearable to work with and she wold be gone by lunchtime the next day.

After a sleepless night of tossing and turning, she got to her new office by 9:00 am and made Steve sign her contract of employment at 10:00. It was a piece of cake.

Now she could set about making this hotheaded young genius into a stable success.

That was all 10 years ago and Jenny has supported her boss through near-bankruptcy (twice) and an AIM flotation which saw him become very wealthy.
They still have massive, vitriolic stand-up rows about once a week, but if she hadn’t taken a Pitman Training diploma level Executive PA course all those years ago, Jenny wouldn’t have been in such a powerful position. Or as well paid!

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