Student Influx Expected From Southern Europe.

Shilpa Wymer, MDThe news that London is pulling the country out of recession will result in a very welcome influx of people from the EU, according to Shilpa Wymer, Managing Director of Holborn Training Ltd.

Mrs Wymer’s company runs Pitman Training centres in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn, and in Central Manchester, skilling people up for office work.

“We have a terrific track record in delivering Executive PA courses, secretarial training and bookkeeping courses for people from the Continent, she states. “But with the UK having been in recession, there has recently been little incentive for people to leave their home countries to come here. The news that London is on the up again will trigger a whole new wave of ambitious people to come over.”

While her company has seen impressive growth in 2012, Mrs Wymer admits that enquiries from Portugal, Spain and Greece have been down for the past two years.

“But the fact is, everybody wants to come to London and once we start flexing our economic muscles again, the jobs market will pick up and they’ll start coming. We saw before the recession that many people came from Poland its neighbours to study with us. We expect the same thing to happen again from the southern European countries.”

Part of the company’s growth this year has come as a surprise:

“When Francois Hollande was elected in France, enquiries from that country shot up and enrolments have taken on a slightly Gallic flavour in the past few months,” claims Mrs Wymer.

“For the most part, these are young professionals who want to make it in a freer environment. Our Executive PA courses have been very popular among this group as they are highly ambitious.”

The company claims its students have an exceptional track record in moving into high status, well paid careers at the end of their studies, but in recognition of the fact that newcomers to London initially often have to accept low paid work with unsocial hours, offers evening and weekend study which can be funded by payment instalment plans.

“We try really hard to make our training available and affordable to those who are newly arrived in London,” says Mrs Wymer.

Many applicants are worried that their English will not be good enough to study in London but Mrs Wymer asserts that some 64% of her students have English as a second or third language:

“The beauty of the Pitman Training method is that you can repeat lessons as often as you need, to make sure you really understand and our training team is able to provide support in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Hungarian, so there’s nothing for students to worry about. And not only that. We also offer a Business English course.”

For potential students from overseas, a short phone interview will enable the company’s Course Advisors to determine whether the applicant’s language skills are strong enough to make the training worthwhile.

Potential students wishing to find out more about studying in London should visit or phone: 0044 20 77 02 547 00

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