Megan Felsing: Executive PA Course

I came to Pitmans when I had just started University and was unsure about the course I was studying. So many people had told me about Pitmans and the wide range of courses they offer, including my grandma who took the typing course in the 1950s; therefore I rushed to make an appointment with the team. I was sold immediately. The Executive PA Diploma offered me 16 separate certificates in computer programs, business courses and relevant seminars. My first thought was that this was going to look great to future employers. Training with Pitmans has given me some invaluable skills that I will have my certificates to show for, for my whole life.  It is hard work and you have got to be dedicated, but if you keep your future in mind you will stay motivated. I am excited to be able to finally update my CV with my Executive PA Diploma!

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