Business Owners Can’t Work Out What Social Media Is For

Remember when the internet first came on the scene? Most business owners knew it was going to change marketing forever but couldn’t work out how and consequently missed the bus. Now the same is true of social media. Some early … Continue reading

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Video for Business Course

Learn how videos can promote and enhance your brand’s image online with this short course. You’ll learn tips and tricks that will enable you to create your own videos for marketing your company, without having to spend money on a … Continue reading

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SEO Course For Business

Struggling to understand how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your business? This short online SEO course will teach you the basics in order for you to understand how you can use it to your advantage, and get your … Continue reading

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Social Media Strategy Course

Social Media is constantly growing and is now regarded as an essential business tool for companies to use, and a useful way to promote products in front of a huge online audience. This short online Social Media Strategy course will … Continue reading

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Twitter Course For Business

Get to grips with using Twitter for your business with this popular online course. You’ll go through the basics of getting started on Twitter, from how to set up your profile properly to how to post your first tweet. Then, … Continue reading

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