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Team Leadership

Team Leadership Course

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Team Leadership Course.

This wonderful 10-hour management training course is aimed at new team leaders or managers who really want to get the most out of their people.

In 6 lessons you’ll cover the following:

Lesson One: You’ll start with an introduction in to team building, and what this entails, whilst also being given an overview and key facts about the course.

Lesson Two: You’ll look at the difference between groups and teams, and why teams are best in business. You will learn the role of a team leader within a team structure and why they are so important.

Lesson Three: Planning and organising a team is one of the main responsibilities of a team leader, and lesson three explores this further. This lesson will equip you with the skills and knowledge to be an effective organiser who is able to lead and structure meetings, and also motivate the team (on a collective and individual basis) to reach and exceed set targets and goals.

Lesson Four: An effective team leader must have the confidence and assertiveness to communicate effectively. Lesson four looks at how to be assertive, and what this means. It also looks at the responsibilities of a team leader in terms of coaching and counselling team members to remain motivated and enthused.

Lesson Five: You’ll look at how to solve problems and resolve conflict, and learn the processes involved.

Lesson Six: The final lesson focuses on how to build a successful team.

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