The Emotional Side of Being an Executive PA

Training to be an outstanding executive PA means more than just taking a shorthand training course and polishing up your computer skills. Those things may be very important, but there is a lot more to being a personal assistant. An executive PA serves as the communication link between those at the top of the leadership structure and the rest of the employees. As such the job can call for tact, diplomacy, and first-rate people skills.

It can also be very stressful. A good PA works as hard as the people he or she assists, and that often means putting in long hours and sharing in the pressure that a fast-approaching deadline brings. Responsibility for editing, organisation, and other high-responsibility tasks often falls on a PA’s shoulders. Knowing how to handle pressure and workplace stress is also an essential part of the job.

A Holborn Training executive PA course takes in the emotional side of being a PA as well as the practicalities. Our trainers will help you understand how to work effectively and efficiently in a personal assistance role and how to maintain a positive mental attitude even at the most stressful times.

Any secretary or office support worker can improve their skills through PAYE training courses or training focussed in a narrow area, but our PA course can take your workplace presence to a whole new level. If you want to be more effective, more helpful, better respected, and happier in all aspects of your work, it’s the one to choose.

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