The Essential Skills of the Essential Executive PA

Our executive PA courses and diplomas number amongst the most dynamic and practical in the UK, and for good reason. An exemplary PA is a tough needle to find in the proverbial employment market haystack. So, what embodies the perfect executive PA?

Perhaps this quality marks an obvious PA must-have, but great organisation is about more than simple filing. We teach our PA students to create systems and catalogues that are easy to access, practically organised and pertinent to the working environment. One step further than the organised PA, we help create the perfectly catalogued, cross-referenced, finely tuned PA.

Great Communication via All Tools
Telephone manner, written tone, and personality; these are all tools by which the perfect PA should be flawless and accomplished. No employer wants a PA with a terrible telephone manner or inappropriate workwear habits.

The executive PA will likely be expected to finely tune all sorts of paperwork. The perfect PA is a perfectionist, an editorial obsessive, uncompromising note-taker, and all-round precise practitioner of everything they do.

Courage and Leadership
The executive PA is likely the only person in a company who does their job, and as such they must represent their responsibilities with pertinent audacity. Even in structured systems employing 1st Assistants and 2nd Assistants, each tends to operate under separately defined job specs.

Extra Skills

Skills such as touch typing, shorthand secretarial training, and IT support knowledge can tip the scales of a great PA in favour of commendable, employable and invaluable.

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