The Importance of Learning Touch Typing

Typing is a major aspect of nearly every secretarial job. Learning how to type quickly can make a secretary far more efficient in their job. Anyone who has undertaken an executive PA course will be familiar with touch typing. Touch typing is a method of typing that aims to increase a user’s level of speed and accuracy, making it an invaluable tool for secretaries and PAs.

When you learn touch typing, you will learn how to type quickly without looking at the keyboard. You begin by placing your fingers on the ‘home’ keys, and you will learn where you should move your fingers from those keys to reach every key on the keyboard. Eventually, your fingers will remember where all they keys are, and you will no longer have to continually search for the right key on the keyboard. Because you will be looking at what you’re typing on the screen, rather than the keyboard, you’re typing accuracy will gradually improve.

For a PA or secretary, touch typing can make their day much more efficient. People who usually type with two fingers typically reach speeds of between 27 and 37 words per minute. After completing a touch typing course, typist could see their speeds rise to between 50 and 70 words per minute, with experienced touch typists often reaching speeds of 120 words per minute. Routine typing jobs can potentially be completed in a fraction of the time that they previously took. Touch typing is by far the most efficient method of typing available.

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