To The Swift The Spoils!

Medical SecretaryIf you want deluxe education, think off-peak!

There are two peak periods in the world of education and even though Pitman Training in London and Manchester doesn’t work to traditional term times, they still experience a surge in enrolments during those periods.

But canny self-improvers looking for an Executive PA course or medical secretarial course, for example, have identified that by enrolling at less busy times they receive up to four times the attention from trainers they wold normally expect.

Principal Shilpa Wymer explains: “Our business model means we staff up according to the peak enrolment periods to ensure every student gets the absolute best learning experience possible, all the time. So we are sometimes over-staffed at quieter times and that means we’re able to give much more one-to-one time to people joining us then.”

Mrs Wymer suggests going against the flow and enrolling in November or even December to really take advantage of the extra trainer availability .

“I know lots of people think it’s pointless starting a course just before Christmas,” she says, “But it’s actually a smart idea because the extra trainer support available means you can complete courses more quickly than at peak times. And our methodology means you’re unlikely to forget what you learned over the Christmas period. Even if you did, we’re set up for you to refresh the courses in January.”

There is another reason for enrolling at times outside the traditional peaks which is the fact that you will probably graduate before those who follow the crowd, getting out on the jobs market before the herd.

Someone taking a diploma level Executive PA course or medical secretarial course, having enrolled in November, for example, might be able to start interviewing at Easter while those enrolling in January may enter the fray just at the beginning of the summer holidays.

Mrs Wymer again: “Any way you look at it, the fact that we don’t operate to traditional educational term times is a bonus for students. Even if November or December are impractical for someone, they can start any other time they choose and study at hours to suit them. So they can’t lose. But earlier is always better than later when it comes to skilling up for work. To the swift the spoils!”

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