Touch Typing can Make Your Job Easier

Almost every office job involves typing, and if you’re a secretary or PA you’ll probably spend a great deal of time at the keyboard. Emails need to be sent, minutes need to be typed up, and a whole host of text prepared every day. How quickly you can get all that done depends on one thing- your typing speed.

Touch typing radically improves speeds and it means that mistakes can be caught and corrected much more quickly. In general, touch typists pause less and their action is smoother than those who need to constantly switch their attention between the keyboard and the text appearing on screen. Studies have shown that making the move to touch typing improves accuracy as well.

The average speed a reasonably competent touch typist can achieve is about 60 words per minute but the most skilled can reach rates of anything up 120 words per minute. Most computer users can transcribe text at around 30 words per minute – that’s half as fast as the average touch typist and just one quarter as fast as the most advanced.

Our touch typing courses introduce participants to principles you can use to enter text quickly and accurately. A range of options are available, suitable for students of all levels, from beginner typists to those who can already touch type but need to improve their abilities.

Advanced typing training is an ideal add-on to a Holborn Training Executive PA course. The latter can provide you with the framework you need to become a successful PA, and the former will help boost your efficiency and help you get every job done faster.

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