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Office Manager TrainingPitman Training in London and Croydon is the oldest name in office skills based training, and has been training the nation for over 175 years!

Our shorthand and typing courses are second to none, and are totally flexible, allowing you to study and perfect your skills in your own pace, at times to suit you.

We also have tutor led courses for when time is short.

You can find our full list of shorthand and touch typing courses below – get in touch today to enrol or to find out more!

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How Do I Know Which Course Is For Me?

We have shorthand and touch typing courses for all levels of experience and ability – so whether you’re learning the art of shorthand or how to touch type properly, or you’re just looking to improve your speed, there’s something to suit everyone.

If you’re not sure which course you need to be taking, don’t worry! That’s where our expert Course Advisors come in.

You will be invited in to one of our training centres for a quick skills assessment where you will find out which level you’re currently at, and which course you need to take in order to get to your ideal level.

And, you can even try a free demo of any of our courses, to make sure they’re right for you!

To arrange your free demo and skills assessment, or to enrol, just give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Special Discounts With Our Exciting Course Packages!


  • Typing Package – Typaz and Keyboard Speed Development
  •  Shorthand Package – Teeline for Beginners and Shorthand Faster

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How Our Typing & Shorthand Courses Work

The majority of our shorthand and touch typing courses are self-paced and can be studied at times to suit you during our long opening hours.

A selection can even be studied online.

We also have one tutor led touch typing course which takes place in London on a number of dates throughout the year.

You’ll work through the self-paced courses with an audio guide and a workbook, and will have the help and support of our friendly training team if you get stuck or have any questions at any point during your course.


We’re based in three central locations:

If you can’t get to one of our training centres, you can also study from home – contact our Course Advisors to find out more.

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Student Reviews

“I took the Keyboard Speed Development course and found it very easy to follow – the instructions and course materials were very clear, and there was always help on hand when I needed it. I was able to work in my own time, and at a pace that was appropriate for me.

The atmosphere in the training centre was at all times pleasant and conducive to learning. The staff were very friendly, professional and supportive. I am hoping to continue on another course at some point, and would recommend Pitman Training to anyone. I run my own business and this course is ideal for anyone who can only study at odd times. I am really grateful to the staff at the centre for their help and support.”

Frances Moran, Shorthand Courses in London, Notting Hill, January 2013

“During my Touch Typing for Beginners course I learnt the correct way to type, without looking at the keyboard. I found it very hard at first, but the Training Team Leader was very good and kept my spirits up, especially when I was having bad days and felt I was never going to be successful. The course is really good and also helps improve your speed. The team help you by giving you many drills to work on to improve the speed and accuracy of your typing. You listen to audio tapes and try to type what they are saying, as well as copy type. The online side of the course is really helpful too, as when you are copying the text and are typing, your mistakes are picked up as you go along, so you know exactly when you are pressing the wrong key. I really enjoyed the course very much. Definitely worth doing.”

Kashmir Virk, Touch Typing Courses in London, Holborn, April 2014

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