Typing Courses For Those Who Think They Can Blag It!

I could’ve kicked myself.

I blagged my way into a temp job with a large City firm. Basically I had told my friend, Tracey, who works at a leading recruitment agency that I was an ace typist. Well, I thought I was!Touch Typing and Secretarial Training in London

I’m really fast on the keyboard, zipping around like a woman possessed. Pretty good for someone self-taught. Probably faster than those dreary, girly schoolfriends I grew up with.

The problem was, when I arrived at my glam office job (after two successful but grimy years of waitressing, I might add), it turned out all that time in internet cafes didn’t count as typing after all!

Apparently you’re not supposed to look at your fingers or the keyboard or your computer screen if you can type properly. My new supervisor pointed out that “everyone knows that if you don’t touch type, your net speed and error rate and accuracy will be rubbish.”

Oh great. I know what you’re thinking. Not only had I let myself down. I had also let down my friend at the recruitment agency.

Now I’m not slow on the uptake, so I quickly invented food poisoning and cleared off, in an attempt to save face all round.

I have to admit that I was really embarrassed, sort of ashamed, so I legged it round to my friendly internet café and googled typing courses. I trawled through the usual confusing stuff and sort of settled on an outfit called Pitman Training, who had centres in Notting Hill, Holborn and, believe it or not, Manchester!

Anyway, I’m a pretty cool type so I got in touch with their Notting Hill centre and asked the girl to call me back to save my bill (smart, eh?).

I told her “I need to learn to type properly, fast!”

She said “No problem. Get yourself round here fast.”

So I went and she told me I could start there and then and I’d be finished in 25 hours, whatever that meant. It seems a typing course is a bit like going to the gym and your fingers can only take so much punishment in a session and everybody is different.

Well, I had nothing to lose, so I signed up and started clattering the keys. To be truthful, it was quite absorbing but after an hour or so, my wrists started to ache and the trainer kept helpfully reminding me how to position my feet and my shoulders, which while I know is what a typing course is all about, is a bit of a nuisance.

Anyway, my personal typing course took two weeks and I earned a world famous Pitman Training certificate to prove how good I was.

Of course in the meantime, the supervisor from the temp job called my friend at the agency who is no longer talking to me and I have egg all over my face!

On the plus side, I went to another agency who tested my typing ability. I passed with flying colours and they placed me in a really cool design agency two days later. The money’s better too. And it’s better than waitressing!

Would I do it again? The typing course, I mean.

Well, if I hadn’t stitched myself up fibbing to my friend I probably wouldn’t have given typing courses a thought. But now I’ve done it, I have to admit it’s been worth it. And I feel a little bit proud of myself!

Learn to type properly at Pitman Training.

Just give them a call:

  • London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214
  • London Holborn – 020 7025 4700
  • Manchester – 0161 923 6814

Or contact them by e-mail: htinfo@pitman-training.net or check out their web site: www.holborntraining.co.uk

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