Unemployed Execs – Pull Back FromThe Slippery Slope To Early Retirement!

Holborn Training LogoBarroom philosophy has it that if you lose your job when you’re over 50, you’ll never work again.

But this is less true if you’ve been a senior executive or company director where your experience, wisdom, technical management ability and contacts will still be welcomed by employers -  although your compensation package may be downsized!

The worst thing for people in this category is that once the thrill of freedom from work routines has worn off, too many long lunches and days on the golf course can start to seem like the slippery slope to retirement.

A valuable way to pull yourself out of the time rich quicksand is to re-educate yourself in some of the basic tools of your trade, such as Microsoft Excel and Access. For many senior people who have lavished training budgets on their staff, the last time they really got under the skin of these programmes was in 2003, with a refresher in 2007.

But no-one is suggesting you should attend lectures in some dreary classroom or go on a low-level government backed training scheme. Choose instead, a chance to tune up your skills in an environment reflective of your status in the world of work, to a standard that will really deliver a competitive advantage when you get back into work.

Holborn Training, which operates Pitman Training Centres in London’s Notting Hill and High Holborn, as well as in Croydon and Manchester, offers a different approach to learning popular software packages in a style that respects the pedigree of senior professionals.

Resembling bustling city offices, these training centres are organised to enable learners to study on a drop-in basis, spending anything from one to eleven hours per day at a designated PC, supported by knowledgeable trainers who are available to move you forward on the inevitable occasions when you get stuck or confused. It’s similar to calling the IT department in a large organisation and receiving first line support at your desk.

The Pitman Training methodology is very practical and learners enjoy the opportunity to practice and explore until they have developed fluency in all aspects of the programmes, a real bonus in your next role.

The courses are a bit like e-learning but offer the benefit of the aforementioned training team and the attraction of requiring you to attend, breaking up what can often be very long and lonely job searching days.

A typical Excel course will take the average learner 25-30 hours of study which can be completed in up to three months and many senior professionals enjoy their regular trips to a city centre to acquire new skills (and visit recruitment consultants)!

Although not always top of a former executive’s shopping list, a nationally recognised Pitman Training certificate can be earned when a course’s final exam is passed – something to take home and show the family at least!

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