Veronica Fenton – Trainer for Pitman Training High Holborn

Veronika Fenton - Holborn TrainerHello, my name is Veronica Fenton, also known as Ronii and I’m a part-time Trainer at the Holborn Centre. I joined Pitman Training in 1999 as a student, and the first course I did was PowerPoint for Windows Version 7 and I haven’t stopped studying since!

I have completed numerous courses over the years which allow me to effectively and efficiently help our students. I’ve found that the skills I have acquired through studying at the Holborn Centre over the years have helped me in my previous jobs and also in my current job as an Administrator in one of London’s largest prisons, plus I have recently gained an Admin Assistant Diploma through the centre.

You can call me an old bird, but believe me there is still more to be learnt even after 13 years and I’m happy that I’m here to share my knowledge and expertise to our students. In my other position as an Administrator at a London prison, I’ve found that the skills that I’ve acquired over the years have helped me gain confidence and knowledge to do my current job more efficiently and effectively.

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