Weathering the Financial Storm with Sage Courses

There are some industries where a degree or qualification almost goes without saying; a teacher has a teaching certificate, a lawyer a law degree, a dentist qualifications in dentistry – there are specific minimum achievements to enter the field. These jobs are all in their way renowned for job security, the understanding being that one step- qualification necessarily leads to the next step – employment.

In other industries this isn’t necessarily the case, and with today’s difficult economic outlook it can be daunting to know that you don’t have specific qualifications to assure your position. This is particularly trying for many employees in the secretarial and administrative field who know that they already have all of the relevant skills and experience. If you are among them, and currently hold a job using polished administrative, bookkeeping and secretarial skills, it can be tempting to dismiss extra professional courses as merely pieces of paper. But don’t assume that your hard-won experience will always be recognised and valued by an employer. You may have had considerable Sage payroll training on the job, but a qualification can help showcase your ability.

Doing industry-specific and relevant training, such as a Sage payroll course, shows that on top of being skilled; you are ambitious and interested in your ongoing professional development. After all, whether you’re looking for a new job or just looking to keep a job you love, being able to show your skills in black and white just might be what sets you apart.

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