Wendy Samuels – Student Success Story

Legal Secretary Diploma SampleWendy’s enthusiasm for her course here at Pitman Training has known no bounds. As a Legal PA for 13 years, Wendy was recently made redundant and for any person who has dedicated that much time to a company, this was devastating news.

Rather than shy away from a new challenge, Wendy came to enrol with us at Pitman Training in Holborn.

It is always a delight to see her come through the door, ready to take on the next challenge that her studies will throw at her. Whenever she comes in to study, she brings a positive attitude and works hard on every aspect of her course. She is always smiling, and even finds time to encourage other students! Wendy also contributed magnificently to our bake sale, and we are proud and delighted that she is a Holborn student.

Her hard work was recently rewarded as she was offered her dream job working for the American Merchant bank. We cannot think of a student who deserves it more – congratulations Wendy.

In January 2014 the training team at Pitman Training in Holborn nominated Wendy for Pitman Training’s Super Achievers Student of the Year Award.

Wendy’s Story

In June 2013, I was made redundant from my position as a Legal Secretary after 13 and a half years.

Initially, after being made redundant, I felt very vulnerable and insecure, but then I realised that this was an opportunity to gain new skills and look at life from a different angle.

By July, I was enrolled on a Legal Secretary and an Executive PA Diploma as I needed to gain the necessary qualifications to re-enter the workplace.

I chose Pitman Training in Holborn as I knew the reputation of Pitman is highly regarded in the business community, and I decided to study for a diploma as I felt this would encompass a range of subjects that are essential in the business environment, which I would need to secure another position in the City of London.

I would recommend anyone to use their redundancy to book a course or diploma at Pitman Training.

The course not only reintroduced structure into my life, but it helped me to gain confidence both personally and professionally. I’ve also gained knowledge which has helped me to tackle the jobs market again.

After being made redundant, I never imagined I would find the perfect job again, but how wrong I was! I have just found a new position working for an American Merchant Bank near St Paul’s, earning more money than I have ever earned before.

The training team at Pitman in Holborn are so encouraging and knowledgeable, and I could not have achieved this offer of employment without the nurturing and supportive environment of the wonderful team.

What Motivates Me

I have been motivated by my will to succeed.

I have been lucky enough to constantly be surrounded by people who inspire me and I have been able to learn from.

My father died when I was 11 years old and I have always had to work for my living, helping me to become independent and make him proud of me.

6 years ago, I met a wonderful lady called Naomi. Naomi achieved so much in life and embraced every day. She completed both a degree, then a master’s degree, before studying to become a nurse, then taking another Master’s degree.

After all this, she opened her own counselling service from home. Throughout all of her successes, Naomi was constantly plagued with poor health, which included kidney &heart problems. Naomi met her husband, Colin, just over 20 years ago, after they were married, she was told by doctors that she would need a kidney transplant and Colin donated his kidney, so they could spend 20 years together as husband and wife, living each day like it could be her last.

Naomi died in July last year at 51 years old. I attended Naomi’s memorial service in Twickenham.  This service was organised by Naomi before she died as she always knew she could go at any time.   Naomi requested the memorial service six months after she died and left a message to be read out to the congregation. Her message told us to live as if it is your last day on earth, every day and to achieve as much as it humanly possible in the interim.

Naomi was so full of life and a very upbeat happy person that it was infectious whenever you were around her.   A life well lived is what we should all achieve.

I hope to be constantly learning, through my Diplomas at Pitman and my new job.

Learning should be a lifelong goal, and Pitman Training provides a platform for this, allowing any person from any background and circumstance to move forward and grow. In the future I hope that I continue to be kind to everyone I meet and open to new experiences.

I would like to develop as person both personally and professionally, as Naomi did and will live by her mottos.

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