What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

Being a personal assistant can be an incredibly rewarding career, ensuring the smooth running of a huge number of businesses from the ground up. If you are considering embarking upon an executive PA course, it’s important to understand what the role of a personal assistant involves.

Personal assistants provide essential help to managers, executives and professionals, enabling them to do their jobs more productively. Some of their tasks include:

•    Organising and Dealing With Mail
Executives can receive hundreds of letters and emails every day, and they often don’t have time to go through it all themselves. Personal assistants deal with a professional’s mail first, organising and prioritising it so their manager can respond to the most important communications first. Occasionally, PA’s may have to respond to some of the mail themselves, which is why many assistants have also taken typing courses.

•    Greeting Clients and Visitors
A major part of a personal assistant’s is to be the face that greets any clients visiting their manager. Many managers do not have the time to greet every visitor personally, so a personal assistant should be friendly, professional and personable while clients are waiting.

•    Research
During secretarial courses, potential PAs are taught how to conduct research quickly and effectively. Much of a PA’s role involves researching a variety of subjects in order to help their manager prepare for meetings and presentations. This may involve finding certain reports, looking for specific statistics or obtaining information about business transactions. These time consuming tasks are designed to make their manager’s job easier.

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