What does it take to work in the Events industry?

Event Management

If you’re good at organising and like going out and socialising, you’re probably well suited to a career in the events industry. But what is the events industry actually like? Well, it’s fast paced, exciting and involves a lot of hard work. It’s not as glamorous as you might first think!

It’s a growing industry, and what’s great about having a career in events is that you could find yourself working for just about anyone! From sport teams to fashion brands – the possibilities of work in the events industry is extremely diverse, so if you choose this career path you could get the chance of being involved in a sector that really interests you. Plus, the career prospects are fantastic, and the skills you need to succeed are transferable between a large number of professions.

What personal attributes do you need to succeed in events?

Aside from being creative and an amazing organiser, it’s important that you’re level headed and are able to remain calm in difficult situations. When you’re working in events you have to be ready for things to change or go wrong at the last minute. As you can imagine, it’s essential that you’re a good problem solver!

You can’t be afraid of hard work. Event management is not always parties and red carpets, and the work load can be huge at times so you’ll need to be a great multi-tasker.

Patience and excellent communication skills are also important, and ideally you’ll be a ‘people person’ who’s capable of dealing with people of all levels of the spectrum. Employers from the events industry say the key to getting on the career ladder is to be enthusiastic and to show dedication, either by undertaking training or volunteering.

What skills do you need?

As previously mentioned, dedication is vital in this industry, and a rewarding way to show your commitment is by undertaking a course in Event Management. This course will teach you how to manage stress-free events successfully, as well as give you an insight into the industry. Plus, employers love it – it’s nationally recognised and looks great on your CV, really setting you apart from the crowd!

If you don’t have a background in events and are looking for entry level positions, it’s important to undertake some event training – it will show that you’re serious about your chosen career path and will give you confidence in interviews for jobs in events.

What kind of jobs could you be doing?

There are so many possibilities! You could be organising conferences or corporate days out (a likely job for many PA’s),  or you could be organising product launches within the PR industry, award ceremonies, festivals, sports events, weddings, celebrity parties or fundraisers.

If a career in Event Management sounds like it’s for you, a great placed to start is with our Event Management Essentials Course of Event Management Diploma.

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