What is the Difference Between a Secretary and a PA?

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What Is The Difference Between A Secretary And A PA?

For those who are keen to work in an office environment in an administrative and supportive role, the position of secretary or PA might sound interesting… but also confusing. Are the two roles the same? And how do team secretaries fit in?

A PA, will be responsible for supporting one person – usually at a high level of management.

Because of the relative importance of the individual they are responsible for, the PA will require strong personal attributes, a wealth of relevant skills and experience, as well as a qualification of a type earned after an Executive PA Course.

The job will be demanding but rewarding, and financial remuneration usually reflects this.

A Secretary is, in the same way, responsible for assisting an individual, yet the individual concerned may be in a less demanding role.

The skills of diplomacy and people skills are still necessary, especially if the secretary is dealing with members of the public.

Practical skills such as touch typing, and confidence using a computer are still vital.

Both roles require someone who is happy to work on their own and enjoys working in a one-to-one situation.

For people who enjoy working in a team rather than on their own, yet still want to work in an administrative capacity, the position of team secretary might be just what they are looking for.

This combines all the work outlined above, but for several individuals, and often alongside other team secretaries.

Personal attributes can’t be learned, but professional ones can.

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