What Makes a Good PA?

What Makes A Good PA?

Executive PA CoursesThis is a question that bosses and prospective PAs both find themselves asking.

For a boss, the ideal personal assistant will have a combination of the right personal qualities, experience and practical training.

To become a good PA, you must have outstanding organisation skills and attention to detail. This is because PAs are entrusted with important aspects of their employer’s life – everything from when meetings are scheduled to what communications are pressing, so they must be able to keep a handle on what is going on.

Discretion is also a key attribute. This means that a good PA will be able to field unwanted phone calls and visits without offending, will know when the boss can and can’t be disturbed, and will know who is important and who can or cannot be kept waiting.

In addition, an air of the professional, unflappability, the ability to make decisions and diplomacy are other personal characteristics that an employer will look for in a good PA.

Gurga Payroll BookkeepingBut these are not enough on their own, and in order to be able to do the things that the role involves, a PA will have to have skills such as shorthand, touch typing and be comfortable using several computer programmes such as Excel and Office.

If you think you have the right personality to make a good PA but don’t have the skills, then don’t worry.  An Executive PA course will help you learn touch typing and furnish you with all the other skills you need.

If you’re already working as a PA and would like to further your skills, you could also try one of our short PA courses in London or Manchester, that take place on a selection of dates throughout the year.

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