What To Do when You’re Struggling at Work

Moving into a new working role is usually cause for celebration, but sometimes there is more stress than pleasure involved. Switching from one job to another can be very tricky and it always takes a little time to adapt and find your stride. In most cases bosses understand that and will allow a little leeway and arrange any necessary training as part of the induction process, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

If you’re struggling to get to grips with a new position, the crucial thing to do is speak up. Let’s say you’ve done a good job in the office and have been handed extra responsibility for accounting- something you don’t have a lot of experience in. You could try and learn bookkeeping on your own while doing the job at the same time, but in that situation most people would make a few mistakes and they wouldn’t feel relaxed and secure at work.

By asking for a bookkeeping course to be arranged, you show that you’re responsible enough to own up to having problems and resourceful enough to suggest a solution. Mistakes, both trivial and serious, can be avoided with the right training, and you can stop worrying about overcoming obstacles on your own.

No matter what aspect of a new office role you’re having trouble with, Holborn Training can probably help. We offer everything from advanced shorthand to basic computer skills to payroll courses. There is no need to struggle through the working day. Instead, get help and learn to do your new job well and without all that stress.

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