Whatever Your Job Is, Do It Well

The first step towards advancement is to do your current job well. That goes for everyone from the salespeople on a shop floor right up to executive level. If you can’t excel in one position, you’re unlikely to move up the ladder. On the other hand, if you shine in a low-level job those above you will take note and you might find yourself promoted, given a bonus, or simply recognised as an outstanding worker. More challenging and more rewarding work is likely to come your way.

Even if your current position isn’t one that you really want to spend the rest of your life in, it’s still worth learning to do the job as well as you possibly can for that reason. For administrative workers, extra training may mean seeking a general secretarial diploma or taking a course that focuses on a more specific skill set. It might mean introducing completely new skills or simply polishing your existing abilities to a high level.

If you work in a support role, seeking secretary qualifications not only shows that you want to improve your performance at work, but also that you understand the importance of the part you play in keeping the company on track and take the job seriously. It demonstrates both commitment and ambition.

Other Holborn offerings, like a PAYE or Sage course, can help improve specific aspects of your performance or help you get comfortable with new software and new techniques. Most of our courses are offered at a variety of levels – even if you already do a very good job, we can still help you do better.

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