Wish I’d taken a bookkeeping course. Your wish is my command.

“Wish I’d taken a bookkeeping course,” Steve said as he tipped the last 5 cornflakes into the bowl.
“I had the chance but I blew it. Dave did it and look at him now.”
“Oh, stop feeling sorry for yourself,” Sandra responded. “You’re starting to get on my wick.”
Steve and Sandra shared a studio in flat near the centre of town. She worked in retail and he was unemployed. Steve had been offered a place on an AAT bookkeeping course at the local college but he’d been out the night before his first day and missed the enrolment period. Of course his smarmy mate Calvin had got in.
“Anyway, you’ve only got yourself to blame, getting mashed up like that. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why don’t you just get a job in the sports store, like me?”
Sandra’s question felt like a knife being stuck in Steve’s guilt. He knew he could do better. He just had to stop being so lazy.
“Anyway, Sandra added, “your mum left you a voicemail.
Steve hated listening to his mum’s voicemails. They were always so gently nagging. None the less, he clicked the red button on the phone:
“Hello Love. Hope you’re OK. Just wanted to let you know that Sylive (Dave’s annoying cousin) has found a brilliant web site about bookkeeping courses. She says it’s www.holborntraining.co.uk.”
Why did she always have to spell out the www bit? It drove him mad! In any case, there was no way he was going to do what his mum suggested, let alone Sylvie.
He was suddenly aware of the banging of the door as Sandra set off for work, leaving him alone in the rapidly cooling flat, the heat having gone off at 08:00.
After some time struggling with his conscience, he replayed his mum’s voicemail and wrote down www.holborntraining.co.uk.
Steve fired up the laptop, lit a cigarette and logged on to the site.
He used the course finder to find a bookkeeping course and was amazed to see that there were 17 varieties of bookkeeping courses available. The best one, and the nearest match to AAT, seemed to be the Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma course.
It looked like a fully comprehensive bookkeeping course, covering 10 subjects, of which two were chosen by the student in order to pay to their strengths.
Steve bookmarked the web address and settled down to watch daytime TV.
That evening, when Sandra came home, Steve angled the conversation towards the bookkeeping course he had found and opened up the laptop to show Sandra. His period of unemployment had dented his confidence so he was pleased when she said she would look at how to apply. It was so easy, she filled in the form on the web site and submitted it.
The next day dawned damp and drizzly and after Sandra had set off for work, Steve became a bit despondent.
Suddenly the phone rang and it was Pitman Training. They wanted Steve to come into their training centre for a chat and a brief assessment of his current skills (none, as it happened).
He decide to go right away as he knew he would bottle if he left it.
At the Pitman Training Centre, the Course Advisor was really interested in what Steve had to say and listened intently to him.
She felt the Accounting Technician Diploma was too big for him at that time, both in terms of time commitment, level of motivation and finances. Instead, she recommended their Foundation In Bookkeeping Diploma as a good route into a job in bookkeeping.
The problem was, it was miles more expensive than Steve had expected, but the Course Advisor pointed out that if he could get a deposit together, he could pay for the rest of the course in instalments.
Back at home that night, he discussed the programme with Sandra. There was no way they could get a £600 deposit together, so that’s when Sandra said, ”Why don’t you ask your mum to help you out?”
“I couldn’t do that,” Steve responded. She’s already working overtime.”
“Yeah, but she’s always offering to help. Remember she said she’d pay for us to go to Spain for a week? This would be a much better investment. I’ll call her for you!”
Half a dozen phone calls and two days later, Steve was already working on his first module, bookkeeping course 1.
Fast forward six months and Steve is working as a purchase ledger clerk in an insurance company in the City centre and earning way more than Sandra.
She thinks she’ll be the next one to contact Pitman Training!

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