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Women Returning To Work

Thinking Of Returning To Work After Bringing Up The Children?

Then take a Pitman Training course and go for it!

At our Pitman Training centres in Manchester, London High Holborn and Notting Hill and Croydon, we’re used to welcoming women returning to work. Most are a little apprehensive about whether they’ll still be able to hold their own in an office.

  • Will they be able to type fast enough?
  • Has the technology moved too far for them to catch up?
  • Will they still have the confidence and interpersonal skills to fit in?

Even though we’ve heard these questions many times before, we still feel you’re right to ask them. But with a little extra knowledge and the help of our tutors, you’ll soon have the skill and the confidence to ease yourself back into the jobs market.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you learn the technology and building your office skills to a level you would never have believed you’d achieve.

Here’s some words of advice from with life coaches Nik and Eva Speakman, stars of the hit TV show “A Life Coach Less Ordinary” (UKTV Style).
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1) Remember Who You Used To Be Before You Became A Mother.

You’re a confident woman and an individual. Think about what you want to achieve and just go out and do it. If you can handle a screaming toddler, surely you can handle a new boss.

2) Accept Yourself For Who You Are.

You may no longer be a petite size eight but that doesn’t make you any less good at your job than the leggy 23 year old in the crop top.

3) If You Feel You’re Lacking In Any Area, Don’t Just Sit There. Do Something!

Perhaps you need to learn some new skills or maybe all you need to do is update your existing ones. Signing up to a training course can do wonders for your confidence and self esteem as well as making your CV stand out from the crowd. By recognising that you want to improve yourself you’re on the first step to admitting that the world is your oyster and that if you want it enough, you really can have it all. Signing up for a course that offers a nationally recognised certification at the end will really give you something to feel good about when you’re preparing for that all important interview.

4) Never Underestimate Yourself.

You may have taken a few months or even a few years out of the office, but don’t even think about applying for jobs you know you can do with your eyes closed. Everybody needs a challenge because without that sense of achieving something you’ve worked hard at, you’ll never achieve career satisfaction and that will inevitably rub off on your home life.

So now it’s over to you! All you have to do to start the ball rolling is have a chat with one of our friendly course advisors. It’s that easy!

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