Microsoft Word Course 2010 Or 2013
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Word Course – Beginners To Intermediates

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✔  Study either 2010 or 2013 versions – advanced word course also available.

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About Our Microsoft Word Course For Beginners To Intermediates.

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Whether you want to study the 2010 or 2013 version, our courses will take you further and deeper into Word than most courses, making sure a real catch for prospective employers.

And our fabulous self-paced training style, supported by our friendly, student-focused trainers means you should retain and use more of what you’ve learned back in the workplace.

Microsoft Word Course – What We Cover.

In approximately 24 study hours, either in-centre or online, you’ll complete 10 packed lessons:

  • Lesson One: Starting Word, opening a document, keying in, selecting and editing text, navigating, backstage view, printing, hiding/minimising the ribbon, saving and closing a document, Word Help.
  • Lesson Two: creating/opening a document from a template, customising and saving the document, document views, showing formatting marks, deleting page breaks, formatting text including using text effects and typography, text alignment, repeat, clearing formatting; click and type.
  • Lesson Three: spelling and grammar, Word Options, thesaurus and research pane, translating text, showing/hiding rulers, margins, line and paragraph spacing, opening recently used documents, working in multiple windows, undo and redo, creating a folder, saving a file with a different name and format.
  • Lesson Four: Using AutoCorrect, building blocks, inserting date and time, modifying a field, tabulation, deleting building blocks and AutoCorrect entries.
  • Lesson Five: Moving and copying text, format painter, using keyboard shortcuts, searching for text, finding and replacing text, finding and replacing formatting.
  • Lesson Six: Indenting text, bulleted lists, numbered lists, multilevel numbering, formatting numbering levels, defining new bullets, drag and drop, setting indents, copying text between documents.
  • Lesson Seven: The navigation pane, Resume Reading, page breaks, text flow options, page numbers, headers and footers, section breaks, page orientation, printing selected pages, restoring settings.
  • Lesson Eight: Creating a table, formatting contents, text direction, AutoFit, inserting and deleting rows and columns, resizing rows and columns, selecting parts of a table, applying borders/shading, using the border painter, show/hide gridlines, inserting space above a table, merging/splitting cells, calculations, repeating header rows, distributing rows and columns evenly, converting text into a table, applying number in a table sorting, table styles.
  • Lesson Nine: WordArt – formatting, aligning, moving and copying, shape styles and effects, text styles and effects; Text boxes – drawing and formatting, using preformatted text boxes; Shapes – drawing, formatting and grouping, adding text and effects; Pictures – online and saved pictures, correcting and adding artistic effects, text wrapping; Forms – creating a form, page background colour, columns, watermarks.
  • Lesson Ten: Applying, modifying and creating styles, navigating headings in the navigation pane, templates, themes, saving documents in different formats.
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Who This Course Is Aimed At.

As Word is used by almost everyone for work and study, this course has been designed to suit the widest range of users possible. So whether you’ve never used Word before or you’ve been using it since the beginning of PC’s, you’ll find so many ways to improve your knowledge and productivity.

How To Find Out More Or Enrol.

If you’re ready to enrol or if you’d like to arrange a visit to us to sample this Microsoft Word course, free, just call our friendly Course Advisors:

  • London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214
  • London Holborn – 020 7025 4700
  • Croydon – 020 8688 0378
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