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Individuals who invested in Word 2007 training often find they have a competitive advantage when it comes to finding jobs.

This is because not as many people were trained in this version as Microsoft had hoped. Microsoft launched Word 2007 just at the beginning of the current credit crunch and resulting recession.

In addition, it was designed to run on the Vista operating system which failed to find favour with corporate IT departments.

Shilpa Wymer, Principal of the Pitman Training centres in London’s Holborn and Notting Hill and Central Manchester claims “job seekers who have undertaken Word 2007 training probably have a two-year head start over people who are just getting into it now.”

“With the economy improving, the better stability of Windows 7 over Vista and the fact that it is really hard to buy versions earlier than MS Office 2007, it is clear that their head start will eventually be eroded as more and more people take Word 2007 training,” she continues.

To make matters even more confusing for anyone needing Word training, Microsoft will soon release the 2010 version of MS Office and it will be interesting to see how quickly it is taken up by corporate customers. Will there be another lag where only early adopters take Word training in the new version?

Mrs Wymer doesn’t think so: “There is less of a leap from Word 2007 to 2010 than say from 2003 to 2007 so users will be able to migrate much more quickly even though the new version has quite a lot more functionality.”

“In fact, we’re soon to launch a short course called Office 2010 Fast which will cover Word, Excel and PowerPoint in just 7 hours to help students learn how to make the most of the new functions of all 3 applications. But for the time being, our current Word 2007 training covers everything needed.”

It appears then, that Pitman Training’s self-paced learning methodology may be the logical way forward in this upward migration rather than the traditional instructor-led course model as it is faster and lower cost as well as offering more opportunity for students to practice.

The traditional model is more likely to come into its own later when the 2010 version of Word is more widely distributed. The speed of uptake will depend to some extent on the fact that many organisations have only recently upgraded to Word 2007 and may be unwilling or unable to invest in the upgrade to 2010 and also on how quickly the wider economy recovers from its recent troubles.

But Microsoft is a past master at getting its ever-improving software to market and that always drives demand for Word training and many observers believe 2010 will be a big hit as it is claimed to be better looking and more intuitive than previous versions.

Mrs Wymer again: “For the foreseeable future, it’s not so much about whether you’re trained in Word 2007 or Word 2010, but more about the level of use you get out of it. Productivity is the key and job seekers who can demonstrate a high level of practical ability with any of the MS Office applications will always have a better chance of getting a job than those who can’t.”

To find out more about Pitman Training’s approach to Word training, call them on:

020 7792 5214 – Notting Hill

020 7025 4700 – Holborn

0161 923 6814 – Manchester

Or email them.

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