Working As a PA – And How to Reach The Top

Secretary Courses OverviewA career as a Personal Assistant requires hard graft, flexibility and fantastic skills, and that’s just to start with!

You’ll also have to be ready for anything. A PA’s job role is varied and can change by the day, so it’s essential that you remain relaxed and ready to take on new challenges when they arise.

You’ll also need to have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office – and by good, we mean really good.

It’s not enough knowing how to use a few of the functions on Word or Excel; you need to be familiar with all of its functions to a competent level if you want to be able to do your job properly and impress potential employers.

What Jobs Do PAs Have To Do?

PAs can be expected to carry out a variety of tasks, namely diary management, booking travel and arranging itineraries, liaising with clients, typing out reports, minute taking, handling calls, maintaining office systems etc.

You might also be called on out of hours – so don’t be shocked if you get asked to do this as the role of a PA in some companies requires them to be completely flexible with their working hours.

Personal Assistant Careers – Is It Right For Me?

Working as a PA is challenging and varied, and in order to complete the tasks mentioned previously you’ll also need to have outstanding organisation and communication skills.

If you’re serious about becoming a PA, we recommend looking into our Executive PA Courses in London or Manchester, which will give you a taster of what it’s like to be a PA and provide you with a fantastic set of essential PA skills to impress potential employers!

Reaching The Top

Top PAs make it their business to know what’s going on. This is essential for ensuring you have a good knowledge of the business you, and your boss are in. More of this can be found in Principal Shilpa Wymer’s top tips for PAs on our YouTube channel.

You’ll also need to have thick skin, as anyone who has seen Devil Wears Prada can testify!

Secondly, top PAs stay educated. Technology changes all the time, so it’s important to enrol on an Executive PA Course to refresh your skills so you stay on top of your game.

Want to reach the top and become an Executive PA? Pitman Training in London and Manchester have the perfect Executive PA Course for you – the Executive PA Diploma.

Find out more from our Course Advisors – just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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